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European statistical 1x1km grid (ETRS89 LAEA)

For purposes of european projects related to publishing statistical data on grids (e.g. the GEOSTAT project), the European Forum for Geography and Statistics created 1x1km grid datasets covering EU and EFTA countries.

The grid coding is compliant with INSPIRE principles (Geographical Grid Systems specification). The coordinate reference system is ETRS89 Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area (EPSG: 3035,

Separate datasets have been prepared for each country. A custom grid generation tool for ArcGIS is available as well.

Follow this link to acquire the datasets:

It is encouraged to use this coordinate system and coding when disseminating statistical data on grids.

  • Bresters PIETER
    Bresters PIETER

    I agree that this dataset is a good basis for INPIRE-compliant grids because the coordinate system is the right one. On the other hand, it is not fully compliant with the dataspecification for PD and SU. It was this dataset that I used for my first harmonisation test which I presented in Krakow and in the paper earlier mentioned by Miroslaw.

    A big question that I still have is: How can we use the presented schema's for other encodings than GML? Especially for grids this should be answered, because a WFS/GML is not very sufficient for grids. A WCS would be much better, but How do we perform the transformation into this encoding?


  • Mirosław MIGACZ
    Mirosław MIGACZ

    Thanks for the comment, Pieter! I haven't done any research regarding usability of WCS for purposes of publishing data on grids (yet) but I remember discussing it while preparing data specifications for SU & PD. I'm planning to look into it though. Maybe others had experiences with grids on WCS?

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