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Preliminary proposals for modifications of the Technical Guidelines on Land Cover and Land Use

The aim of this page is to gather preliminary proposals for modifications of the Technical Guidelines on Land Cover and Land Use that may be forwarded to the INSPIRE MIG-T MIWP-14 for endorsement and potential implementation.


Find below direct links to the preliminary change proposals related to Land Cover:



Links to discussions that bring forward issues to be "fixed"  INSPIRE LC and LU themes (updated 6 May 2020):

1. Typo in the PlannedLandUse schema

2. LandCoverExtenstion schema is missing from the draft schema repository

3. Include a text in the Land Cover TG to clarify how to use the option to realize a formal description by using a feature catalogue (ISO 19109 and 19110) and provide it by the externalDescription element:

4. Namespace needs to be declared for embeddedDescription once provided by the ISO LCML standard once it has been made available by the ISO TC-211 community

5. Decide on a solution for the LU extent attributes. Update of data models or change the definition in the schema, TG LU and IR as proposed.

6. Change the LandCoverVector schema to ease the implementation and use of datasets provided according to the LCV model and to align the LCV model with the sister ELU data model.

7. Support the reuse of codelists provided by EEA and Eurostat in INSPIRE If

8. Remove the Theme-specific Requirement for Land Cover (IR + LC DS 3.0 page 27)



Land Cover & Use

Land Cover & Use

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