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Clarification of the LC code list versus the LC documentation [LC]

Last updated by Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

Proposal: Revise the technical guidelines to make explicit that the LC classes has to be described in a document and has to be provided by a code list

Description: On pages 19 and 22, the concept ‘code list’ is used differently than in INSPIRE in general. The text related to the documentation attribute (externalDescription) and the code list is also mixed. A code list is not the place for portrayal rules. It should be clarified that the LC classification has to be described in a document (using data type externalDescription and/or embeddedDescription according to ISO 19144-2 Land Cover Meta Language (LCML)). In addition a machine-readable LC code list has to be provided. Portrayal rules (RGB values) has to be described in the documentation (externalDescription).


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