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Typo in the theme-specific requirement on Land Cover [LC]

Proposal: 'onlineDescription' should be replaced by the 'externalDescription'

Description: Theme-specific requirement (IR + LC DS 3.0 page 27):“If an onlineDescription attribute is provided for a LandCoverNomenclature data type, the referenced online description shall define, for each class, at least a code, a name, a definition and a RGB value to be used for portrayal. If the online description describes the nomenclature for a LandCoverGridCoverage object, an integer grid code shall also be provided for each class. This code shall be used in the range of the LandCoverGridCoverage to represent the corresponding class.” The OnlineDescription only exists in an old version of the Technical Guidelines (LC DS 2.0). In version 3.0 it has been replaced by externalDescription. This typo is present both in the Technical Guidelines and in the Implementation Rules.


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