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Coordinate Reference Systems in Europe (CRS-EU)

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Title (Project name): Coordinate reference systems in Europe (CRS-EU)


Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG), Germany / EuroGeographics (European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities) / Euref.

Geographical scope: European (National contributions).


Information and Service System for European Coordinate Reference Systems established to support the users of spatial information in Europe.

The project developed a website containing information of national European coordinate reference systems and pan-European coordinate reference systems for position and height, mainly:

  • Description of national Coordinate Reference Systems.
  • Description of pan-European Coordinate Reference Systems (ETRS89 / EVRF2000 / EVRF2007).
  • Description of the official transformation parameters from national Coordinate Reference Systems to pan-European Coordinate Reference Systems including: quality of the transformation, verification of data of transformation, a service module enabling online conversion and transformation of single points for test and verification purposes.
  • Links to the National Mapping Agencies of the European Countries.


  • Provide a single entry point to look up information about the existing CRS in Europe, either national or pan-European, as well as to the official transformation between them established by the Member States.
  • Cover the existing gap of an official CRS registry in Europe.


  • Facilitate the access for users and implementers to the official procedures established by the Member States to transform data from national CRS to pan-European CRS, and viceversa.
  • Possibility to compare different methodologies set up across Europe to transform data to pan-European CRS, including the loss of quality in the transformation process.

Intended audience: Mapping agencies at all levels of administration / implementers.

Status: Closed as project, but information system is maintained.

Themes: Coordinate reference systems.

Resource language: English

Metadata date: 2014.



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