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Clarify structure of coverage encoding-related sections in TGs - "Default encoding(s)" and "Alternative encoding(s)"

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The structure of sections “Default encoding(s)” (e.g. in the Elevation TG) and “Alternative encoding(s)” (e.g. in the Elevation TG) relative to coverage data need to be aligned with the different options foreseen to deliver this kind of data in INSPIRE (those explained in section 9.3 in the Elevation TG), in order to make it clear and avoid readers to misinterpret the content.

This is just an editorial clarification of the structure in the mentioned TG documents, rather than a change of content.

The proposal is applicable to both, TGs on Elevation and Orthoimagery, and probably to TGs from other INSPIRE themes dealing with coverage data.

Discussion thread

Proposals for MIG-T

Provide the "Default encoding(s)” and “Alternative encoding(s)" sections of the EL & OI TGs regarded to coverage data with the following structure - Example applied to the Elevation themes:

1.GML multipart representation (as defined in section 9.3)

1.1.ElevationGridCoverage GML Application Schema (for the coverage domain)
1.2.TIFF (for the coverage range)

2.GML Application Schema for Coverages (for the coverage domain and range)

The recommended encodings should use the same format as the default encodings.


The multipart message should use an "extended" GMLcov schema as a wrapper, including the additional attributes defined for the 'ElevationGridCoverage' (or the 'OrthoimageCoverage') class, as proposed in the common data specification template.

Alternatively, if the plain GMLCov schema is used, it needs to be specified how to map the attributes in the model (e.g. inspireId, surfaceType, propertyType, ...) to the encoding.

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