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Best Practice (Marine and Atmosphere)

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Here we are collecting examples of services that are being deployed in accordance with Inspire.  Some of these services are fully compliant with Inspire, some are partially compliant with Inspire and some are 'in the spirit' of Inspire.  The purpose is to give an overview of the Inspire landscape in the marine and atmosphere community.

The marine and atmosphere community has a long history of advancing data harmonization and data services.  Initiatives such as MyOcean, EMODNET and SeaDataNet are examples of this.  These initiatives have been operational for many years (~10) delivering data services to a wide range of users.  Whilst these examples are promoting interoperability and use of data standards, they pre-date the development of these INSPIRE data specifications and as such the INSPIRE data standards are not widely adopted.  They do however make widespread use of INSPIRE discovery standards (discovery metadata and OGC CSW) and also INSPIRE view services such as OGC WMS for viewing the data.  Accordingly, most current best-practice is in the spirit of INSPIRE rather than via an actual implementation of INSPIRE data standards.  This is something that is beginning to be addressed through the INSPIRE Marine Pilot and planned formal collaboration between EMODNet and INSPIRE.