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Move guidelines on recommended MD elements "Process step" and "Data source" to common section about "Lineage" (EL & OI TGs)

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The recommended theme-specific metadata elements "Process step" (stated in section 8.3.5) and "Data source" (stated in section 8.3.6) proposed in both TGs, Elevation and Orthoimagery, provide guidelines on how to populate such elements (useful information items to be reported). However, they form part in fact of the Lineage information.

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This is an editorial issue that has been reported by the ELF project (Anja Hopfstock).

Proposals for MIG-T

For clarity, the recommended theme-specific metadata elements "Process step" (stated in section 8.3.5) and "Data source" (stated in section 8.3.6) proposed in both TGs (EL and OI) should be considered and provided as part of Section 8.1.2 ‘Lineage’. This section already contains general recommendations on the provision and use of ‘LI_ProcessStep’ and ‘LI_Source’ (recommendations 40 and 41 in TG on EL; recommendations 22 and 23 in TG on OI).
Consequently, Sections 8.3.5 and 8.3.6 (Process step & Data source) shall be removed, once the guidelines provided in the “Comments” row from current tables in these sections have been appropriately transferred to Section 8.1.2 Lineage.
The TGs from other INSPIRE themes / clusters also treat these MD elements in the corresponding Lineage section (e.g. Section 8.1.3 in TG on BU; Section 8.1.2 in TG on GE). Therefore there is room for cross-theme harmonization.
The section about Lineage in the common data specification template was probably updated in the transition from TG release candidate 2 or 3 to TG v3 (final version), which already includes the recommendations stated above. The section on ‘Recommended theme-specific MD elements’ was probably not properly updated in TG on EL & OI.

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