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Harmonise extensibility of code lists

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Last updated by Katharina SCHLEIDT

Proposal: an harmonisation of the extensibility used in the codelists is needed, given the misalignments present among Technical Guidelines, Implementing Rules, UML models. This issue has been reported for the INSPIRE Environmental Monitoring Facilities but it could be present in other themes.

Description: the extensibility of some of the code lists in INSPIRE EF is different between the Technical Guidelines, Implementing Rules and other resources.

There are some problems:

1. The code lists ProcessTypeValue, ResultAcquisitionSourceValue, MeasurementRegimeVaue, ResultNatureValue, MediaValue are marked in the Technical Guidelines (page 28) and in the Consolidated UML data model (html preview) with extensibility none which is contradicting with the definition in the Implementing Rules and in the INSPIRE code list register (set to "any (Empty code list)").

2. Two code lists are not included in the INSPIRE EF Technical Guidelines Annex C despite that the description in the chapter 5 points to the Annex C. Those code lists are: SpecialisedEMFTypeValue and PurposeOfCollectionValue.

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