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  • Nicolas de Ville de Goyet

    SOS for INSPIRE-compliance in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    ...e fully INSPIRE-compliant using a 52north Sensor Observation Service bu...ny IR are already included in the 52north SOS implementation but it is...ithout limiting the WFS. - The 52north SOS webapp comes with a clien...mple on the best practices using (52north) SOS for INSPIRE-compliance?!...


  • Iurie MAXIM

    Reply on topic: HB and SD geospatial reference units

    ...ication+support If anyone knows a WFS server that implemented remote resolve, please share this information. As far as I know neither Deegree, 52North, ArcGIS for INSIRE or FME fro...

  • Carsten HOLLMANN

    Reply on topic: O&M out-of-band encoding

    Hi Kathi, yes, if the URL of the procedure is resolvable and provides the SML. If the SML is provided by a SOS you would receive the SML when you send a DescribeSensor request to the SOS service with the procedure identitfier ( Carsten

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Reply on topic: O&M out-of-band encoding

    Hi Carsten, So the SML is what one would receive upon resolving the procedure xlink:href=""? :? Kathi

  • Carsten HOLLMANN

    Reply on topic: O&M out-of-band encoding

    .../>     <om:procedure xlink:href=""/&g...    <om:observedProperty xlink:href="

  • Hernán De Angelis

    Reply on topic: EF&O&M Examples

    ...and Hydrological Institute) a SOS service according to Inspire O&M standard using the services provided by 52 North:   Regards,...

  • Sorin RUSU

    Good news - WPS service that accepts WFS2.0 GML3.2 data in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    ...the end-points of Member States, and deliver geospatial knowledge from the raw data published as WFS. Link to test:

    Tags: WPS, cross-cluster, WPS1.0 with WFS2.0, intersect, 52North, TC-WFS, TC-PS, TC-BR, TC-SW-Tools

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    Reply on topic: Inspire D2.9 (O&M & SWE guidelines) update: Request for feedback on implementation experience

    ...future. # What offering strategy do you have (if any) ? -> One offering per sensor, but this strategy is driven by our SOS implementation (52North) and we wish to be able to in...


    Reply on topic: INSPIRE and Referencing

    ...;s questions are of interest also to us within the RITMARE subproject 7. As Tomas Kliment anticipated to Kathi, we are working with SOS/O&M (52north implementation) within the co...