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    For Borehole part of the Data Specification in the group Earth Science

    For Borehole part of the Data Specification

    Tags: TC-GE, Borehole

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    BoreholeView SLD version 1.0 in the group Earth Science

    Tags: TC-GE, Borehole, TC-Good-practice, TC-Portrayal

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    EMODnet Human Activities Hydrocarbon Extraction in the group Marine & Atmosphere

      Dear All, I'm the GIS coordinator of EMODnet Human Activities. Among others we have developed a data theme on offshore hydrocarbon extraction in EU waters consisting of three datasets: boreholes, active licenses and installations (platforms). It is the result of the aggregation and ...

    Tags: Hydrocarbon Extraction, Borehole, Oil, Gas, TC-EMODNET, TC-PF, TC-LU

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  • Tilman BROCK-HESSE

    Artesian boreholes / Point data in the group Earth Science

    Dear colleagues, In our datasets we have information on artesian characteristics for single boreholes. We don't have information on the spatial extent of the artesian properties. How can we best represent this? Best regards, Tilman

    Tags: TC-GE, Borehole, Artesian-borehole, TC-Question

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    Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA
  • Amelia BAPTIE

    Borehole part of the Data Specification on Geology - proposals from the EPOS project in the group Earth Science

    Dear all, The following proposal has been received from the 'Geological Information and Modeling' community of the EPOS implementation phase project, who have been working directly with the Geology Data Specification and more specifically, Boreholes. Please post your responses to th...

    Tags: Borehole, EPOS, TC-Cross-border-project, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, TC-Code-list, TC-GE

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  • Tilman BROCK-HESSE

    Borehole intervals - mappingFrame? in the group Earth Science

    Dear colleagues, what do you propose for using as a mappingFrame when mapping boreholes? Our source model has (amongst others) the properties "top of layer", "bottom of layer", and "lithology". It encodes that down the borehole from "top" to "bot...

    Tags: TC-Earth_Science, Borehole


  • Wideke BOERSMA

    Boreholes with original observations in the dataspecification Geology (Application schema Geology) in the group Earth Science

    Dear collegeas, We have a question about the boreholes with original observations. At the GE-dataspecification the following is stated (p. 27): A MappedInterval is therefore an interpretation of the observations (lithological, geophysical etc) made in the original log, and it is only such i...

    Tags: TC-Earth_Science, Borehole, TC-GE