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  • Tomas MILDORF

    Reply on topic: Open Land Use Map

    ...ires only attribution of the data providers including the Commission for CLC and Urban Atlas. Originall...the data are without OSM. We used OSM only for the OLU in Africa, where CLC or Urban Atlas are not availa...

  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Reply on topic: Discussion about amendmends for TG Land Cover and Land Use

    ...ment, I suppose this would meet most of the needs or do you disagree? You can extend this code list with any values. It's not only aimed for CLC:

  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Harmonised European Land Monitoring (HELM) project in the group Land Cover & Use

    The HELM project was carried out as a FP7 coordination action in 2011-2014. The major outcomes of the project are summarised in the HELM book More results, such as best practises, contact information for actors and stakeholders in land monitoring across Europe can be found on...

    Tags: HELM, land monitoring, land use, Land cover, TC-LC, TC-LU, TC-EU-project, TC-Eionet, CLC, corine, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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  • Barbara KOSZTRA

    Barbara KOSZTRA