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  • Banko GEBHARD

    HB: encoding of ReferenceSpeciesSchemeValue using EUNIS reference list in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    The EUNIS habitat type is one of the mandatory reference lists to document the habitat type in the two application schemas HabitatsAndBiotopes and HabitatsAndBiotopesDistribution. Normally for the encoding of a specific CodeValue (ReferenceSpeciesSchemeValue) a permanent URI is referenced us...

    Tags: xlink:href, EUNIS, TC-Encoding, TC-Referencing, TC-HB, TC-Code-list, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management, TC-Eionet

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  • Paulo MIRANDA

    First steps in Species Distribution Harmonization in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Dear all, I'm new in the harmonization process and i'm trying to do it in species distribution datasets. 1 - The first question that i have is related to distinguish between species distribution dataset and species distribution unit. As i could understand i may assume both like this exa...

    Tags: Eu-nomen, EUNIS, TC-SD, TC-Code-list, TC-Question, TC-Encoding, TC-Closed, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management

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  • Iurie MAXIM

    EIONET vs PESI vs EUNIS in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    While implementing Species Distribution Data Theme based on article 17 Habitats Directive reporting data, about 15% of the species were not found with their current article 17 assessment name in PESI and/or EUNIS. a) They were not found at all in PESI or b) the current article 17 assessment na...

    Tags: PESI, EUNIS, EIONET, SD, TC-SD, TC-Nature, TC-Biodiversity, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management, TC-eReporting

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