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  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    EF/O&M Best practices in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    ...ervableProperties. replace the & with a simple & and you'll just get the relevant ones) Borehole (GeoSciML Lite) linked to an EMF   a borehole (GeoSciML Lite) linked to an EMF (gsmlp...

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    test page from Carlo in the group Earth Science

    ...s (from Geological Survey of Italy) using INSPIRE GE data model and/or GeoSciML data model. Resources:...y1M_GE&MAXFEATURES=1&SRS=EPSG:4326 Geological Map 1:100,000 GeoSciML complant: http://sgi3.ispr...

    Tags: TC-GE, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, GeoSciML, Geological-map, TC-WFS

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  • Tomas LINDBERG

    GeologicHistory - relationship in the group Earth Science

    In the GeoSciML 3.2 Encoding Cookbook for Inspire WFS Services (a great help!) it is stated on page 9 that the relationship shall be encoded with a value from a vocabulary, such as the one under development by the CGI. So far I can't find any vocabulary for this by CGI, does anyone know th...

    Tags: TC-GE, GeoSciML, TC-WFS, CGI, TC-Good-practice

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  • Tim Duffy

    Encoding Cookbook for original INSPIRE Schema WFS services in the group Earth Science

    For those wanting to know how to map their data to the original INSPIRE Geology schema which is done in parallel in the GeoSciML 4 exemplar services and onegeology download kits.

    Tags: TC-GE, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, TC-WFS, GeoSciML, OneGeology, TC-Schema

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