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  • Ivo SIBUL

    Ivo SIBUL

  • Tim Duffy

    For Geophysics part of the Data Specification in the group Earth Science

    For Geophysics part of the Data Specification

    Tags: TC-GE, Geophysics, TC-Data-specifications

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  • Carlos FERREIRA

    Doubts related to the Implementation of Geology Standard in the group Earth Science

    I have some questions and I hope you can help me.   My first question is related with the data specification Geology of the INSPIRE theme. I am trying to use INSPIRE Geology schema in the HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor 2.9.0 (HALE) to harmonize Geology data of a Marine Environment...

    Tags: TC-GE, TC-HALE, TC-Data-specifications, Geology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics, TC-Question, TC-Schema, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example

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  • Jens Richter

    Codelists missing: GeophProcessParameterNameValue, GeophPropertyNameValue in the group Earth Science

    Two codelists necessary for the implementation of the Geophysics part and mentioned in the DS do _not_ exist at the given URL's: GeophProcessParameterNameValue - GeophPropertyNameValue -

    Tags: JRC, Geophysics, TC-GE, TC-Interoperability, TC-Code-list, TC-Good-practice

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  • Monika Bargmann

    Monika Bargmann