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  • Marcus Brühl

    NUTS GML application schema in the group Statistics & Health

    Dear all, BKG Germany is planning to publish its NUTS data INSPIRE compliant. But we are not sure which schema to use. Although the NUTS data model is only informative in the INSPIRE data specification on Statistical Units, we really want to use it (and not only the generic Vector schema). ...

    Tags: TC-SU, TC-Schema, TC-Encoding, TC-Question, TC-On-going, NUTS, TC-Statistics, TC-Statistics_Health

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    Questions about UML model of Statistical Units in the group Statistics & Health

    I have some questions regarding the UML model of Statistical Units. I hope they are so trivial that someone knows the answers. :)     1. First of all, about Tessellation: -Is it correct that in the model the AreaStatisticalUnit is same as any NUTS unit or other area unit,...

    Tags: TC-Statistics_Health, Tessellation, VectorStatisticalUnit, AreaStatisticalUnit, NUTS

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