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  • Keiran MILLARD

    OF / MF : Data in non-supported representations

    ...g represented in Inspire - even though the thematic scope is correct.  This includes movies and photographs but also other data such as sound/noise and modelled data that cannot...



    INSPIRE AM scope in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    ...designated waters drinking water protection area flood unit of management forest management area marine region nitrate vulnerable zone noise restriction zone plant heal...

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  • Jenny RASSMUS

    Environmental Noise Directive in the group Statistics & Health

    I would like to hear from other countries how you regard data that member states are required to produce according to the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC. All of you out there, do you consider that data as falling within the scope of the Inspire HH-theme? We have 2 concerns about...

    Tags: TC-HH, TC-Question, TC-On-going, TC-Data-provision-distribution, Noise, TC-Statistics, TC-Statistics_Health

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