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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    How to deal with huge volume of coverage data - Case 1. Delivery through Predefined datasets in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Source Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS" - 30th September 2016 - INSPIRE Conference 2016, Barcelona. Summary This approach splits coverage data based on existing distribution units (e.g. like map sheets). These distribution units are then ...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-EL, TC-OI, TC-Coverage, TC-Encoding-rule, Predefined-datasets, TC-Atom-feed, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-provision-distribution, Workshop, TC-IKB, Recommendation, TC-Good-practice, TC-Raster, TC-Network-services, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Dedicated-page

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Serving data in multiple CRS using ATOM services in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Dear colleagues, Find below the following questions from Oscar Diago (published in a comment here) "Can the same ATOM offer data in INSPIRE-approved CRS and non-INSPIRE-approved CRS? The only thing I have found about that in the Technical Guides is this: This Technical Guidance pl...

    Tags: TC-EL, TC-OI, TC-RS, TC-Network-services, TC-TG, TC-Data-specifications, RS-transformation, TC-Atom-feed, Projection, Predefined-datasets, TC-Question, TC-Closed, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-IR

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  • Veronika KUSOVA

    Pre-defined WFS - how to define possible parameter values for stored queries in the group Software & Tools

    Hi all, I have a question related to providing pre-defined data sets through WFS. We have a service (one access point) that serves pre-defined data sets and it also enables direct access. Example for Administrative units: * Direct access:

    Tags: TC-SW_Tools_Services, Predefined-datasets, TC-WFS, TC-Atom-feed, Stored Query, TC-Network-services, TC-Question

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