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    Comment on "EMODnet Bathymetry" this is considered by the IHO to be a format that meets the S-102 standards being implemented by the Hydrographic Services community (

  • Jose Miguel RUBIO IGLESIAS

    Comment on "The EU Registry on Industrial Sites"

    ...o your questions: 1. Some countries have already submitted their EU Registry data so you can already look...://   2. The EU registry on industrial sites is a data...

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Reply on topic: WRB soil type classification

    To my view, this is a two-fold issue: Lack of content in many of the non-extensible codelists provided via the INSPIRE Registry. To my understanding, this is an oversight that mu...

  • Linton Donovan

    Reply on topic: WRB soil type classification

    Hi Marc, If it is actually possible to use WRB 2014 as you mentioned, than the registry of WRBReferenceSoilGroupValue should change. Which is logical of course. However this codelist is not extensible. How can we use the newer WRB version and get the data validated? Linton

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    INSPIRE Registry in the group Software & Tools

    INSPIRE Registry The INSPIRE infrastructure invol...ifferent languages). The INSPIRE Registry provides a central access poi...d Technical Guidelines. The registry is based on the Re3gistry sof...ews or issues regarding the INSPIRE Registry.

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  • Stefania MORRONE

    EU Registry on industrial sites in the group INSPIRE & Environmental Policy

    EU Registry on Industrial Sites The EU Registry on industrial sites  is...ready been reported to the EU Registry and willl not be duplicated i...Conceptual Model i.e. the EU Registry does not change anything in t...rityDataset/IndustrialSites-EURegistry-reg-2006-166  for E-PRTR...

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  • Karen Fullerton

    Testing new releases of the INSPIRE registry and Re3gistry software

    The JRC registry team are happy to announce a new candidate release of the INSPIRE registry and registers, which is based on the v1.0 release candidate of the Re3gistry software. Before officially publishing these, we would like to invite you to participate in the testing of both the content and ...

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  • Chris SCHUBERT

    Chris SCHUBERT

    Involved in the INSPIRE developement of schemas, registry, registers, data models and data specifications. Recently, I'm responsible to set up the CCCA DataCentre in Vienna.