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    UNGEGN in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    ...Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names discusses and promotes the standardisation of geographical names: 28. UNGEGN-Session 2014 Symposium on Place Names (17.-18.11.201...

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    EUREF 2015 Symposium - Leipzig (Germany), 3-5 June 2015 in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    The German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) organizes the EUREF 2015 Annual Symposium, which will be hosted in Leipzig (Germany) on 3rd - 5th June. This symposium is the forum for sharing information and discussing about reference systems issues, including ETRS89 and EVRS. T...

    Tags: EUREF, Symposium, ETRS89, EVRS, TC-RS, TC-GG, Conference

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