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  • Iurie MAXIM

    AQD - Air Quality e-reporting in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Hi, I looked at the AQD e-Reporting for "(B) Information on zones and agglomerations (Article 6)" for several MS on CDR, (as for example Austria and I see that geometry is provided for "am&qu...

    Tags: AQD, TC-AM, TC-Question, TC-Closed, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management, TC-eReporting

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  • Lars Erik STORGAARD

    Can OGC WCS serve as INSPIRE Download service? in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Dear colleagues, We - Danish data owner of DEM and Orthoimagary - are looking into implementing INSPIRE download services using WCS 2.0. If we understand the Technical Guidance Download WCS correctly, the services are required to deliver entire data sets in order to be compliant to IR req. ...

    Tags: TC-TG, TC-Network-services, TC-Download-service, TC-WCS, TC-Question, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Service-interoperability, TC-Coverage, TC-OI, TC-Raster, TC-SW-Tools, MapServer, TC-Closed

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    Collecting change proposals for technical guidelines for topographic and cadastral reference data in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Please provide your feedback on the draft list of change proposals here.

    Tags: TC-AD, TC-AU, TC-BU, TC-CP, TC-GN, TC-HY, TC-TN, TC-MIG, TC-Change-request, TC-On-going, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Code-list, TC-Closed

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  • Michael LUTZ

    Possible errors in LC xml schemas in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear LC experts, when working on the update of the Annex I xml schemas (MIWP-18a), where the MS agreed we should publish backwards-incompatible new versions of all the schemas (also for Annex II+III themes), I came across a number of possible mistakes in the current LC xml schemas. I wanted...

    Tags: TC-Schema, TC-LC, TC-MIG, TC-Closed, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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  • Michael LUTZ

    CountryCode.jpg in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-AU, TC-Code-list, TC-Issue, TC-Closed

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  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Uptake of Sensor Web and Coverage Services in INSPIRE in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hi all, after many years of uncertainty and hope pertaining to the uptake of more data heavy models and services (Sensor Web stuff together with Coverage Services) within INSPIRE we have finally gained surety; the Technical Guidance documents for SOS and WCS have been finalized while the Guide...

    Tags: data provision, TC-SOS, TC-WCS, TC-Observation, TC-Coverage, TC-Network-services, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Good-practice, TC-Closed

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  • Andrej ABRAMIC

    Military training areas in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear all,  Anyone have an idea how to map  "Military training area" into HILUCS? As HILUCS is not extensible code list, I did not found the right code for this activity. Thank you in advance. 

    Tags: TC-LU, HILUCS, TC-Code-list, military, TC-Question, TC-Closed, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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  • Johanna Ott

    Which ISO 19115 metadata attribute should hold the CV_InterpolationMehod information? in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Hi everybody, I have a question on the metadata attribute of the ElevationGridCoverage FeatureType: Section of the Data Specification recommends to deliver data concerning the interpolation method in the metadata attribute of ElevationGridCoverage using values of the CV_Interpolation...

    Tags: TC-Elevation_Orthoimagery_Grids, TC-EL, TC-Question, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Metadata, TC-Closed

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  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Land Cover and Land Use workshop in November: call for abstracts now! in the group Land Cover & Use

    The EuroGeographics INSPIRE Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN),  the European Environment Agency, the INSPIRE Thematic Cluster on Land Cover and Land Use and EuroSDR are organising a workshop in autumn 2017 in Brussels to discuss the influence of INSPIRE on the evolution of land cover and exis...

    Tags: TC-LC, TC-LU, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Code-list, TC-Scope, TC-Interoperability, TC-Extension, TC-EuroGeographics, TC-Eionet, EuroSDR, EEA, corine, TC-CLC+, TC-Land_Cover_Use, TC-Closed

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  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Change proposals available as corrigendum documents in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear all, Some of the previously collected change proposals are now available as corrigendum documents in the Document Library of the INSPIRE website. For your convenience, find direct links to the corrigendum documents related to the Land Cover and Land Use Data Specifications below: - ...

    Tags: TC-LC, TC-LU, TC-Corrigendum, TC-Change-request, TC-Land_Cover_Use, TC-Closed

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