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  • Lucie KONDROVA

    Implementation of the INSPIRE data models in the group Earth Science

    Dear all, we are struggling with a basic problem and maybe this is really a stupid question - we are trying to export the INSPIRE UML model from Enterprise Architect in some way to ArcGIS Workspace, so that we could define the target structure of our data. In our opinion, it is not a very effe...

    Tags: TC-INSPIRE, TC-ArcGIS, TC-Enterprise-architect, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Good-practice

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  • Matthew HARRISON

    Are you using the data specification? in the group Earth Science

    Give the community some guidance

    Tags: TC-NZ, TC-Question, TC-Data-specifications

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  • Tim Duffy

    For Geophysics part of the Data Specification in the group Earth Science

    For Geophysics part of the Data Specification

    Tags: TC-GE, Geophysics, TC-Data-specifications

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    European Location Framework (ELF) in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    European Location Framework (ELF) Title (Project name): European Location Framework (ELF) Owner: EuroGeographics (European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities). Geographical scope: European. Abstract: Project aimed to provide a technical infrastr...


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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    EuroDEM and the ELF Project in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    EuroGeographics created a pan-European DEM - namely EuroDEM - from the contributions of National Mapping Agencies. The production of EuroDEM involved an important effort to harmonize the national digital elevation models from EuroGeographics members, wit...

    Tags: TC-EL, EuroDEM, ELF, European-location-framework, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Service-interoperability, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Network-services, TC-Data-transformation, TC-EU-Dataset, Existing-products, TC-EU-project, TC-IKB

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  • Karen Fullerton

    Biogeographical regions in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    The bio-geographical regions data set contains the official delineations used in the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) and for the EMERALD Network set up under the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention). More information:

    Tags: Bio-geographical regions, Biodiversity, TC-BR, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Code-list

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    Management of persistent identifiers and temporal aspects in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    INSPIRE requires unique and persistent identifiers and recommends to use http URI. In addition, INSPIRE models  deal with temporal aspects in order to enable incremental updates. Data providers meet many difficulties to meet these obligations and recommendations. Feel free to share i...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-Data-specifications, identifier, temporal aspects, TC-IKB, TC-Good-practice, TC-Data-provision-distribution

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  • Tim Duffy

    Country by Country State of Play in the Geology Data Specification (at the start of this Collaboration (January 2015) in the group Earth Science

     State of Play in the Geology Data Specification (at the start of this Collaboration (January 2015) - from each of the European Geological Surveys (mostly, there may be some other orgnaisations with reference INSPIRE legally mandated data).

    Tags: TC-GE, TC-Data-specifications

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Modelling of rural paths / ways in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Rural paths / ways were initially considered out of the scope of the Transport networks data specification in the first drafts available. But this aspect was finally reconsidered in the final TN specification, allowing the modelling of such spatial objects in a generic way - The definition o...

    Tags: paths, ways, rural paths, rural ways, TC-TN, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Question, TC-Code-list

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  • Peter PARSLOW

    Topological consistency in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    This is a question of interpretation, concerning the IR requirement 'metadata required for interoperability' 'Topological Consistency' (see section 8.2 in DataSpecification_HY_v3.1). "This element is mandatory only if the data set includes types from the Generic Network Mo...

    Tags: TC-HY, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Metadata, TC-Question, network

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