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  • Bianca WAGNER

    Maps in article & supplement - lacking information about CRS of EU maps in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Dear members, there is a wide range of important maps at European scale that are published in scientific articles, deliverables or project reports (under CC licenses). In...

    Tags: TC-Elevation_Orthoimagery_Grids, TC-EU-Dataset, TC-Open-data, TC-RS, TC-Question

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  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Material of the LCLU workshops on 15-16 November are available in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear all, Just to notify you that the links to the material (presentations, minutes, list of registered participants etc.) of the 'Land use/land cover products: cha...

    Tags: workshop, CLC, TC-CLC+, TC-LC, TC-LU, TC-Copernicus, TC-EU-Dataset, TC-EuroGeographics, TC-INSPIRE, TC-Eionet, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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  • Julián DELGADO

    Examples of INSPIRE view and dowload services for LC/LU in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear all We would like share with you our experiences in the generation of INSPIRE view and download webservices about Land Cover and Land Use. Behind you can find the...

    Tags: TC-LC, TC-LU, CLC, SIOSE, TC-EU-Dataset, TC-National-project, TC-Network-services, TC-Good-practice, TC-WFS, TC-WMS

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  • Leire LEOZ

    ObservingCapability encoding when there are no input data in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hi all, We are working with INSPIRE EF UML including O&M feature types. In the scope of the present data transformation we are involved in, FoI is mandatory. This i...

    Tags: TC-EF, TC-Water, TC-O_M, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Data-harmonisation, TC-Encoding-rule, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Standardization, TC-eReporting, TC-EU-dataset, ObservingCapability

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  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    AQD Service (mostly) Online in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hi, a short note that we've got our INSPIRE and EF based AQD services mostly running:

    Tags: AQD, TC-Reporting, TC-EF, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, TC-Download-service, TC-EU-Legislation, TC-SOS, TC-WFS, TC-Air, TC-Data-specifications, TC-eReporting, TC-Eionet, TC-EU-dataset

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  • Christian ANSORGE

    INSPIRE ID governance in the case of CLC in the group Land Cover & Use

    We recently discussed the governance of PIDs in the framework of EEA Land Cover products. I am aware that this discussion is partly going beyond Land Cover but I consider&...

    Tags: identifier, TC-LC, TC-EU-Dataset, CLC

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  • Christian ANSORGE

    Codelist for Corine Land Cover (CLC) published in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear colleagues,   I am pleased to inform you that we have now published the CLC nomenclature codelist in a referencable format. http://dd.eionet.europa...

    Tags: CLC, TC-LC, TC-Code-list, TC-Eionet, TC-EU-Dataset, TC-Open, TC-MIG, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    EU-DEM usability in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    EU-DEM is an existing / available pan-European dataset. The following discussion topic in the parent cluster group highlighted that this dataset is not INSPIR...

    Tags: TC-EL, TC-EU-Dataset, EU-DEM, Existing-products, TC-Question, TC-Open, TC-HY, Digital-surface-model, European-commission, TC-Data-interoperability

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  • Conrad BIELSKI

    Copernicus RDA EU-DEM EGCS naming in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Happy New Year everyone! I have been using the Copernicus EU-DEM product a few months now but only realised recently (when I wanted to automate some processing) that th...

    Tags: EGCS, TC-EL, TC-GG, Equal-area-grid, TC-EU-Dataset, EU-DEM, TC-Copernicus, TC-TG, TC-Data-specifications, TC-IR, TC-Question, TC-Closed

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Resolution needed for a pan-European DEM in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    At the moment we have at least two pan-European, harmonized Digital Elevation Models (DEM) to cover the existing needs of the European public and private sectors:...

    Tags: TC-EL, EuroDEM, EU-DEM, Digital-elevation-model, Digital-surface-model, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-quality, Resolution, Accuracy, LoD, TC-Question, TC-Open, TC-EU-Dataset, Existing-products, TC-IKB-Use, TC-Use-example

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