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  • Pierre JAMAGNE

    Validation of population distribution gml file at Statistics Belgium in the group Statistics & Health

    Hi, At statistics Belgium, we are now reviewing/validating with NGI the gml files we have produced on population distribution. My reviewer says the way my data are structured, they should go in several gml files while my data are currently  nested in a single gml ...

    Tags: TC-PD, TC-Validation, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Question, TC-Encoding, TC-GML, TC-Statistics, TC-Statistics_Health

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  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Country Code in SU in the group Statistics & Health

    Hi all, was just working on implementing VectorStatisticalUnit, ran into a bit of confusion pertaining to the country element. In the UML its defined as CountryCode, in the XSD this comes out as an old-style codelist entry like I'm used to seeing from Annex I themes (strange as the other c...

    Tags: TC-SU, TC-AU, TC-Code-list, TC-Encoding, TC-Question, TC-On-going, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Statistics, TC-Statistics_Health

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  • Mirosław MIGACZ

    PD implementing rules issues in the group Statistics & Health

    Dear all, Please find below an excerpt from the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1089/2010 of 23 November 2010 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards interoperability of spatial data sets and services with PD implementing rules. Please ha...

    Tags: TC-PD, TC-IR, TC-Issue, TC-Change-request, TC-Encoding, TC-Schema, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-modelling, TC-On-going, TC-Statistics, TC-Statistics_Health

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  • Mirosław MIGACZ

    Implementation Rules change proposals in the group Statistics & Health

    Dear all, I compiled discussions from our meeting into three change proposals, which I intend to submit via our National Contact Point. I decided to extend the proposal about the mandatory comment in StatisticalValue to all attributes with multiplicity [0..1]. Even if my understanding of the I...

    Tags: TC-PD, TC-SU, TC-IR, TC-Change-request, TC-TJS, SDMX, TC-WCS, TC-Statistics, TC-Encoding, TC-Schema, TC-Issue, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-harmonization, TC-MIG, TC-MIG-2016.4, TC-Closed, TC-OGC, TC-Statistics_Health

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  • Jorge Rosales

    Is "fishing and shellfishing restrictions in certain areas of the coast" in the scope of the AM? in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    I understand that "fishing and shellfishing restrictions in certain areas of the coast" suits better to AM than to PS, isn´t it? Regards.    

    Tags: TC-AM, TC-PS, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Encoding, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Extension, TC-Question, TC-Schema, TC-Data-transformation, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management

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  • Momchil YORDANOV

    AM.WaterBodyforWFD in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Hello friends, I have a question concerning the way the table AM.WaterbodyforWFD is supposed to look like. In the documentation I read through it says: "The water body is a coherent sub-unit in the river basin (district) to which the environmental objectives of the Directive 2000/60/EC...

    Tags: TC-AM, TC-Encoding, TC-Closed, TC-Question, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management

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  • Paulo MIRANDA

    First steps in Species Distribution Harmonization in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Dear all, I'm new in the harmonization process and i'm trying to do it in species distribution datasets. 1 - The first question that i have is related to distinguish between species distribution dataset and species distribution unit. As i could understand i may assume both like this exa...

    Tags: Eu-nomen, EUNIS, TC-SD, TC-Code-list, TC-Question, TC-Encoding, TC-Closed, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management

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  • Iurie MAXIM

    INSPIRE Registry lifecycle info issues in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Hi, As by 30 April 2018 Member States need to report on CDDA (Common Database on Designated Areas) and the reporting to EEA is now linked to INSPIRE trough linked data, we noticed that some values in the INSPIRE Registry ( were changed quite recently. Actu...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-Metadata, registry, TC-IKB, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Encoding, CDDA, TC-Closed, TC-Code-list, TC-MIG-2016.5, priority datasets, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management

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  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    TrajectoryObservation Result - omso:TimeLocationValueTriple defective in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hi all, trying to put together a TrajectoryObservation Result, I ran into an issue due to the fact that the omso:TimeLocationValueTriple is defective :( In the data model, the TimeLocationValueTriple is derived from the WaterML Timeseries::AnnotatedTimeValuePair (with the attributes time an...

    Tags: TC-EF, TimeseriesML, WaterML, TC-O_M, TC-OF, TC-AC, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Schema, TC-Encoding, TC-Extension, TC-Bug, TC-Change-request

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  • MORENO Yohann

    example of EMF file GML? in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Is it possible to have an example of gml file of EMF? Thank you in advance    

    Tags: TC-EF, TC-GML, TC-Air, TC-Encoding, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example

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