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    The INSPIRE Community Forum is now part of the INSPIRE helpdesk system, based on GitHub (, so please start there any new discussions.

    The current platform will remain available in read only mode in its current form and URL address until 31/01/2021, then its content will be archived and then published in a different URL which will be announced when it becomes available.


  • Aurete PEREIRA

    Harmonization with INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME in the group Earth Science

    Hello Is someone using the INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME to harmonize datasets?

    Tags: TC-Standardization, TC-FME, TC-SW-Tools, TC-INSPIRE-solution-pack

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    Reference material - German Soil Map 1:200,000 ESRI Shape to INSPIRE GML with FME in the group Earth Science

    At BGR, we tested to transform an example sheet of our ESRI shape files of the German Soil Map 1:200,000 into INSPIRE-conformant GML using FME. The zip file includes a detailed description of the workflow and our input- and output data. We provide this as reference material for others who try to ...

    Tags: TC-GML, TC-FME, TC-SO, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example

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