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  • Earth Science

    Earth Science

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    • Jordi ESCRIU

      Experiences on encoding of Elevation and Orthoimagery coverages in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

      Most information to be provided by Member States concerning the Elevation and Orthoimagery INSPIRE themes - except few exceptions - shall be expressed using the raster spatial representation type (raster format). This is modelled within INSPIRE models reusing the concept of ‘coverage&rs...


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      • Tim Duffy

        Web Coverage Services in the Geology theme - for HydrogeologicalSurface in the group Earth Science

        Web Coverage Services in the Geology theme - for HydrogeologicalSurface

        Tags: HydrogeologicalSurface, TC-GE

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        • Tilman BROCK-HESSE

          Moved to Geology group: LithologyValue - terms with no parent in the group Earth Science

          Hello, in the extended LithologyValue codelist from the technical guidelines the terms bitumen buildingRubble concrete mineDumpMaterial sewageSludge slag sludge soilImprover topsoil waste have no parent. These terms could be categorized under consolidated or unc...

          Tags: LithologyValue, TC-GE, TC-Code-list, Lithology

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          • Tim Duffy

            Mapping of LithologyValue terms to 1GE Style colors - Discussion continuation in the group Earth Science

            This discussion is a CONTINUATION of a discussion staretd at the Earth Science common topic group and moved to the Geology theme sub-group as it is currently specific to Geology and references other discussion there. To see the earlier posts go to

            Tags: LithologyValue, TC-GE, TC-Portrayal, Lithology

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            • Keiran MILLARD

              OF, EL and GE in the group Marine & Atmosphere

              Branch from: So, my first question is: if my data sets are in accordance with two themes, more exactly, Oceanographic Features and Geology or Oceanographic Features and Elevation, what is the data specification...

              Tags: TC-OF, TC-EL, TC-GE

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              • Tomas LINDBERG

                SGU_Example_EnterpriseArchitecht_GeologicUnit in the group Earth Science

                Basic example of a database model in Enterprise Architect for geologic unit. Target database is postgresql/postgis. Work in progress from the Geological Survey of Sweden.

                Tags: TC-GE, TC-Enterprise-architect, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Good-practice

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                • Tomas LINDBERG

                  SGU_Example_EnterpriseArchitecht_GeologicUnit.pdf in the group Earth Science

                  PDF-diagram from the EA-model

                  Tags: TC-GE, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Good-practice

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                  • Carlo CIPOLLONI

                    BoreholeView SLD version 1.0 in the group Earth Science

                    Tags: TC-GE, Borehole, TC-Good-practice, TC-Portrayal

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                    • Tim Duffy

                      Final v7 version of INSPIRE Geology TG to go to MIG-T at end October 2017 for approval in the group Earth Science

                      See tracked changes, now includes the dozens of GeochronologicEraValue  older and younger  boundary value changes required to correct the ICS 2008 values that were accidentally left in the document after the decision to use ICS 2012 was required in the legal IR document. These chan...

                      Tags: TC-GE, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, TC-Code-list, TC-Portrayal

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