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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Results from Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS" now available in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    The results from the Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS", celebrated on 30th September 2016 in Barcelona during the last INSPIRE Conference are now available:

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-EL, TC-OI, TC-Coverage, TC-Raster, TC-Network-services, TC-WCS, TC-WCPS, Workshop, TC-IKB, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Service-interoperability, TC-Data-provision-distribution

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    INSPIRE Conference 2016 - TC #3 Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS" in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Dear All, INSPIRE Thematic Cluster #3 and EuroGeographics INSPIRE-KEN are organizing the Workshop “Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS” in the INSPIRE Conference 2016, in Barcelona. The workshop is scheduled on Friday 30th, from 9:00 to 1...


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  • Stefania MORRONE

    How to extend INSPIRE code lists in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    The extensibility of a code list defines which additional values (other than those explicitly specified) are allowed as valid values of the code list: a) code lists whose allowed values comprise only the values specified in the IR (; b...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-Code-list, TC-Extension, TC-TG, TC-IKB, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Implementation-example, TC-Dedicated-page

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    INSPIRE AM scope in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    What is in the scope of AM theme? Initially, several types of zones that are related to the scope of AM theme have been defined in INSPIRE AM data specifications. This initial list can be extended by other types of zones. The initial list of zone types include: air quality management zon...

    Tags: Management area, TC-AM, TC-Data-specifications, TC-IKB, TC-PS, TC-LU, TC-eReporting, TC-Data-harmonisation, TC-IKB-Learn

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  • Thorsten REITZ

    gml:id, gml:identifier and the InspireID – Clarifications and Best Practices in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Many of us who create INSPIRE GML, hit some common challenges around identifying features. In part, these come from technical requirements of XML/GML, and in part they come from INSPIRE requirements. An INSPIRE feature will generally have three properties that identify objects, each with a dif...

    Tags: cross-cluster, GML, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Good-practice, TC-Data-modelling, identifier

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    Workshop about "Use of INSPIRE Data": Registration is open in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    EuroGeographics INSPIRE KEN organises a workshop "Use of INSPIRE Data: past experiences and scenarios for the future" on Nov 27-29 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. The registration for the workshop is now open until 31 October 2018, on

    Tags: TC-EuroGeographics, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Implementation-example, TC-Use-example, cross-cluster, TC-MIG-2017.2


  • Martin TUCHYNA

    Feature catalogue metadata extension implementation in the group Software & Tools

    Dear colleagues, any experience with the implementation of the INSPIRE metadata extension with the elements aiming to support the documentation AsIs data model structure as described in: Featurecatalog metadata as  a facilitator of reusability (Paul van Genuchten)

    Tags: TC-SW_Tools_Services, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-harmonisation, TC-Question, TC-Metadata, Feature-catalogue-metadata, Metadata-extension, TC-ISO, ISO-19110, Linked-data, RDF, TC-IKB-Learn, Presentations, TC-Good-practice, As-is-data

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