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  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    WCS Extension Schema in the group Software & Tools

    Hi all, we're trying to implement an INSPIRE Compliant WCS. However, there is confusion as to which version of the ExtendedCapabilitiesType are to be utilized by the WCS Server: * nicely derived from OGC OWS, but based on t...

    Tags: TC-SW_Tools_Services, TC-Coverage, TC-WCS, TC-Download-service, TC-Service-interoperability, TC-Data-provision-distribution, Capabilities, Extended-capabilities, TC-OGC, OWS, TC-ISO, TC-Question

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  • Kate Lyndegaard

    HabitatsAndBiotopesDistribution XSD in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Hi, Is anyone aware of the status of the HabitatsAndBiotopesDistribution schema currently located here: Does anyone know when there will be an official release? I would like to complete my transformation, however the draft schema has a wrong refere...

    Tags: TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management, TC-HB, TC-Question, TC-Coverage, TC-Data-specifications, TC-SD

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Issues with INSPIRE-theme classification in GeoNetwork in the group Software & Tools

    Dear All, Our SDI catalogue is based on GeoNetwork version 3.0.6. -  After some months operating with this catalogue we discovered some strange results in the INSPIRE-theme classification that this catalogue application automatically perform...

    Tags: TC-SW_Tools_Services, TC-SW-Tools, GeoNetwork, TC-Question, INSPIRE-Theme-classification


  • Tomas LINDBERG

    How to provide a ObservableProperty in a valid GML-file for the SOIL theme? in the group Earth Science

    Dear all, we are having trouble to deliver SoilDerivedObject results using the codelist SoilDerivedObjectParameterNameValue. Looking at the model it should be delivered in the ObservableProperty attribute basePhenomenon, something like this: <omop:ObservableProperty>      ...

    Tags: TC-Earth_Science, TC-SO, TC-Question, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Encoding

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  • Alessandro SARRETTA

    Manage specific values for hazard categories in a database about landslides, floods and sinkholes in the group Earth Science

    Dear all, in our Institute (CNR-IRPI we've developed a database to store, organize and manage geo-hydrological hazards ( Some views in the DB have been created so that relevant feature types c...

    Tags: TC-Earth_Science, TC-NZ, TC-Question

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  • Veronika KUSOVA

    Series and dataset linking and INSPIRE Geoportal in the group Software & Tools

    Dear all, I would like to rise a question of how to deal with the linking of dataset series and its datasets, especially from harvesting and the INSPIRE Geoportal point of view. My colleague and I have already pointed out this problem during a presentation at the MIG-T meeting i...

    Tags: TC-SW_Tools_Services, dataset series, metadata, WFS, TC-Question, TC-Issue, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Metadata


  • Lola Boquera

    GeoSciML 4.0 schemas in the group Earth Science

    Hi all!! Have anyone seen the new GeoSciML schemas version 4? I have one doubt about Geomorphologyscheme...Why the multiplicity of the relation: unitDescription  is 0..1? is not valid 0..*? Thank you very much for the help

    Tags: TC-question, GeoSciML, TC-Schema, TC-GE

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