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  • Marine & Atmosphere

    Marine & Atmosphere

    Oceanographic Geographical Features, Sea Regions, Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical Features
  • Keiran MILLARD

    SR and AM in the group Marine & Atmosphere

    During the development of the Inpsire specifications, overlaps between SR and AM  (Area Management / Restriction / Regulation Zones and Reporting Units were identified.  Areas of the sea may be Area Management or Reporting Units. In some cases these will correspond with Sea Regions, i...

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  • Keiran MILLARD

    Inspire Specification Revision SR/OF/AC/MF in the group Marine & Atmosphere

    This is a message to all members of the Inspire Marine and Atmosphere Thematic Cluster and is about suggested updates and changes to Inspire technical guidelines.  Following the operation of the thematic cluster activity for nearly one year, the comments and discussion from community memb...

    Tags: TC-SR, TC-AC, TC-MF, TC-OF

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  • José Enrique Frieyro de Lara

    Unknown Water Level -- No extensible codelists in the group Marine & Atmosphere

    Hi everybody;   I'm joining this group hoping that you could assist me in clarifying some questions related to SR and OF data specifications and data models. I work at the Environmental Information Network of Andalusia (REDIAM) in Spain and I’m also involved in the national ...

    Tags: TC-Code-list, TC-SR

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  • Keiran MILLARD

    EF and referencing other Inspire Themes in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hi Everyone.  Is there established practice in an EF dataset to reference FT's from other themes?  I am thinking particularly of items such as the SampledFeature or, possibly even the SamplingFeature.  For example in Sea Regions,  FT's are defined for ...

    Tags: TC-EF, TC-Referencing, TC-Download-service, TC-Encoding-rule, TC_Good-practice, TC-SR, TC-O_M, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Marine, TC-Data-specifications, TC-SOS, TC-Question

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  • emilio rubiera

    codes for sea regions in the group Marine & Atmosphere

    hi there, i'm emilio rubiera working in the FP7 EU project DISASTER. i hope this topic won't be considered out-of-topic (if you will forgive me the repetition) here, but i have a question regarding standard codes used to identify oceans, seas and sea regions. i'm familiar w...

    Tags: TC-SR, TC-Code-list, TC-Standardization

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