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  • Enrico Iredi

    GML Example RenewableAndWasteResource (er-v) in the group Earth Science

    gml file now ETF valid

    Tags: er-v, TC-Schema, TC-GML, Renewable-and-waste-resource

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  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    PLU GML example in the group Land Cover & Use

        The file contains a PLU GML example provided by the City of Hamburg (many thanks!). This is the first test converting German XPlanPlan data to the PLU application schema. The final definitions of the transformation rules are not ready yet. 

    Tags: PLU, spatial planning, GML, TC-LU, TC-Schema, TC-Implementation-example, TC-Land_Cover_Use, TC-GML

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  • Fabio VINCI

    Statistical Unit Vector example gml in the group Statistics & Health

    An example of a GML file compliant with the SU application schema. The dataset contains the ISTAT census tract for some municipalities of the Ligurian Region.

    Tags: TC-SU, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, TC-HALE, TC-Schema, TC-GML

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  • Tim Duffy

    Encoding Cookbook for original INSPIRE Schema WFS services in the group Earth Science

    For those wanting to know how to map their data to the original INSPIRE Geology schema which is done in parallel in the GeoSciML 4 exemplar services and onegeology download kits.

    Tags: TC-GE, TC-Good-practice, TC-Implementation-example, TC-WFS, GeoSciML, OneGeology, TC-Schema

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  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Association role Member in LC and LU in the group Land Cover & Use

    The association role Member in the themes Land Cover and Land Use have been modelled differently (UML class diagram)

    Tags: association role, TC-LC, TC-LU, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Data-encoding, TC-Change-request, TC-Schema, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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