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  • Stephan ARNOLD

    1. HILUCS Topic: Agriculture in the group Land Cover & Use

      Question: Is the Land Use type 1_1 Agriculture with subtypes 1_1_1 AgriculturalCommercialProduction and 1_1_2_FarmingInfrastructure differentiated and 1_1_3_Ag...

    Tags: TC-LU, HILUCS, TC-Code-list, TC-Scope, TC-Extension, EAGLE, agriculture

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  • Matthew HARRISON

    Resources in the group Earth Science

    I will add some links to existing projects here shortly

    Tags: TC-Use-example, TC-Scope, TC-Code-list, TC-Good-practice, TC-NZ

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  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Cross-thematic presentations (LCLU) in the group Land Cover & Use

    INSPIRE Conference 2017, Kehl & Strasbourg   EAGLE data model for land monitoring - Use cases and state of play INSPIRE Conference 2016, Barcelona Deriving Copernicus land cover and land use data from national datasets following bottom-up approach and INSPIRE data specificat...

    Tags: TC-LC, TC-LU, TC-Inspire-conference, TC-INSPIRE, TC-Extension, TC-EAGLE, TC-Scope, TC-Land_Cover_Use

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    Extensibility of code lists in INSPIRE EF in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hi all, I noticed that the extensibility of some of the code lists in INSPIRE EF is different between the Technical Guidelines, Implementing Rules and other resources. In the Implementing Rules, all code lists are provided with the following definition: "The allowed values for t...

    Tags: TC-EF, TC-Code-list, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Scope, TC-Extension, TC-Standardization

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