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  • Statistics & Health

    Statistics & Health

    Join this group if you would like to share knowledge or ask questions regarding the INSPIRE implementation of Statistical Units [SU], Population Distribution (Demography) [PD] or Human Health and Safety [HH] data themes.


    • Bresters PIETER

      Impact Analysis of a Table Joining Service in the group Statistics & Health

      Statistics Netherlands has recently performed a proof of concept for a Table Joining Service (TJS) together with the Dutch Kadaster, Geonovum and the Dutch hosting organis...

      Tags: TC-SU, TC-PD, TC-HH, TC-TJS, TC-Statistics, TC-OGC, TC-SW-Tools, TC-Data-provision-distribution

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      • Mirosław MIGACZ

        Implementation Rules change proposals in the group Statistics & Health

        Dear all, I compiled discussions from our meeting into three change proposals, which I intend to submit via our National Contact Point. I decided to extend the proposal...

        Tags: TC-PD, TC-SU, TC-IR, TC-Change-request, TC-TJS, SDMX, TC-WCS, TC-Statistics, TC-Encoding, TC-Schema, TC-Issue, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-harmonization, TC-MIG, TC-MIG-2016.4, TC-Closed, TC-OGC

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        • Mirosław MIGACZ

          Statistical Cluster meeting @ the INSPIRE Conference in the group Statistics & Health

          Dear all, First of all a big thank you for showing up at the Statistical Cluster meeting held last Thursday at the INSPIRE Conference. Below you will find a summary of...

          Tags: SDMX, TC-SU, TC-PD, TC-TJS, TC-WCS, TC-Statistics, TC-IR, TC-TG, TC-Data-modelling, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-encoding, TC-MIG-2016.4, TC-Change-request, TC-Closed, TC-Schema, TC-OGC

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          • Mirosław MIGACZ

            European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) in the group Statistics & Health

            EFGS started as a voluntary cooperation between National Statistical Institutions (NSIs) in the Nordic countries in 1998, on use of geographic information systems (GIS) and statistics.  Today EFGS has national contact persons from more than 40 states and territories, having annual confere...

            Tags: TC-SU, TC-PD, TC-Statistics, EFGS, GEOSTAT

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            • Karin HEDEKLINT

              SILC statistics as Inspire data? in the group Statistics & Health

              Statistics Sweden has been asked to publish statistics from SILC (European Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) as Inspire data, within the theme Human health and safety, subtype General health statistics, Self-perceived health. We think it is a problem that we have SILC-data only on na...

              Tags: TC-HH, TC-Statistics, SILC, TC-Question, TC-On-going

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