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  • Stephan ARNOLD

    14. HILUCS Topic: Water functions in the group Land Cover & Use

    Situation: Water surfaces have in most case not only one use or func...eral. So far, the description of water surfaces in HULICS is not yet...on for the uses and functions of water surfaces as DrinkingWater, Ir...eservoir, and others. in HILUCS) 7_3_FirefightingWate...

    Tags: TC-LU, HILUCS, TC-Extension, TC-Eionet, water, TC-Code-list

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  • Karen Fullerton

    New Report: Estimating Population Density Distribution from Network-based Mobile Phone Data

    New Report: Estimating Population Densi...ange is reconfiguring how the data needed to support public poli...major producers and users of data, some of which are also one of the most important dataset needed when preparing stra...te different types of network data in their possession (e.g., an...

    Tags: population density, mobile phone, data, Geographical grids, report

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