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  • Thomas CREPIN

    Download services using ArcGIS for INSPIRE in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to publish download service for administrative units using ArcGIS for INSPIRE. The problem is that I can't do it completely because, while I edit the advanced service properties, it gives me the following message: [Service containing process crashed for '...

    Tags: ArcGIS, cross-cluster, TC-SW-Tools, TC-WFS

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    Management of persistent identifiers and temporal aspects in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    INSPIRE requires unique and persistent identifiers and recommends to use http URI. In addition, INSPIRE models  deal with temporal aspects in order to enable incremental updates. Data providers meet many difficulties to meet these obligations and recommendations. Feel free to share i...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-Data-specifications, identifier, temporal aspects, TC-IKB, TC-Good-practice, TC-Data-provision-distribution

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  • Alberto HENCHE

    application schemas to modelling software in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Hello I am trying to create a new inspire spatial database from scratch using the application schemas downloaded from I would like to import this xmi or xsd files into any open source modelling software like Eclipse or similar...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-SW-Tools, TC-Schema, TC-IKB, TC-Question

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  • Knut JETLUND

    Update of the INSPIRE Network model in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    I have identified some issues with the INSPIRE Generic Network Model that should be taken into discussion in this thematic cluster. I have allready discussed them with Michael Lutz, Lars Wikstrøm and Paul Scarponicini, but I am adding them here to make sure they are taken into discuss...

    Tags: Linear referencing, network, cross-cluster, TC-HY, TC-TN, TC-Change-request, TC-Data-modelling

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Existing validation rules for INSPIRE data sets (EL & OI + other themes) in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Have you or your organization been involved in the validation of EL & OI data sets transformed to the INSPIRE schemas? Please, share your experience and provide examples of existing Schematron validation rules, or other type of rules, in this context. Schematron is a rule-based validati...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-EL, TC-OI, TC-Validation, Conformity, Validation-rules, Schematron, TC-Schema, TC-Question, TC-Open, TC-MIG-2017.4, TC-Data-quality, GML, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-and-service-sharing

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    Points or Pixel - Align definition of style description units? in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    While working on the ELF Cadastre in the ELF project the analysis of the  INSPIRE data specifications for CP and BU revealed that different style description units are used: CP DS defines the outline in pixels: parcel 1 pixel and zoning 2 pixels while BU DS defines outline in points: buil...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-BU, TC-CP, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Portrayal, TC-Change-request

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  • Polacek JIRI

    Common ETRS89 coordinates on the state borders in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    I have just added into the reference systems cluster a discussion topic on common ETRS89 coordinates on the state border. I think, that it is a cross-thematic topic which should be mentioned  in connection with Administrative units and Cadastral parcels themes as well.  

    Tags: cross-border, cross-cluster, TC-AU, TC-CP, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Question, TC-Interoperability

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Common ETRS89 coordinates of the state borders in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    Jirí Polacek opened the following discussion topic in the main group, alerting about interoperability problems of commonly agreed state boders when they are provided by different members States:

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-RS, TC-AU, TC-CP, Cross-border, TC-Data-transformation, RS-transformation, TC-Data-interoperability, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Issue, TC-Open

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Misalignments between coverages produced by different data providers in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

    I opened the following discussion topic in the Orthoimagery subgroup, asking to discuss about the interoperability problems caused by misalignments between orthoimages produced by different data providers:

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-OI, TC-EL, TC-GG, TC-Data-interoperability, Cross-border, TC-Global-GGS, Zoned-geographic-grid, TC-Data-provision-distribution, TC-Data-quality, TC-Raster, TC-Coverage, TC-Copernicus, TC-Question, TC-Open

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    On line validation of datasets in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    In the context of the European project eENVplus (the "project hosted in Italy" mentioned by Peter) we developed a Validation Service consisting of an implementation for the ATS (Abstract Test Suite) included in the Annex A of INSPIRE Data Specifications. This service makes u...

    Tags: validation, ETS, conformity, cross-cluster

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