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  • Land Cover & Use

    Land Cover & Use

    Join this group to share your knowledge, learn and collaborate in solving issues related to the Land Cover and Land Use themes.


    • Matthew PURSS

      Comment on "2015-11-29 A NESTED GRID FOR INSPIRE ORTOIMAGES.docx"

      ...the data going forward. This is because the existing processing workflows introduc...ew data to be able to be integrated with the existing Landsat data already in the AGDC. This...very of satellite data (certainly out of the existing suite of published web se...

      • Rob van Ede

        Comment on "Showcase of existing INSPIRE services"

        ...aft, Klimaschutz, Energie und Landesplanung WFS...Organisation Landesamt für Umwelt- und Arb...e Description Land development of wind power in...anisation Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung, Abteilung Wasserw...


        • Bresters PIETER

          SLD for existing Land Use in the group Land Cover & Use

          This is a SLD-file for existing Land Use that works on the output GML from the transformation example of the Netherlands. It is based on the same styling as Lena provided, extended with a class for Water.


          • Jordi ESCRIU

            UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group on Core Data in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

            ...or production of new data or enhancement of existing ones.   In a first...with focus on SDG related use cases) and on existing standards, mainly the INSPIRE...arcels, Addresses, Elevation, Orthoimagery, Land cover, Land use, Buildings, Statistical U...

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            • Jordi ESCRIU

              Webinar "Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages" in the group Elevation, Ortho & Grids

              ...he following themes:   Annex II: Elevation, Land cover, Orthoimagery, Geology. Annex III: Soil, Land use, Natural risk zones, Atmo...E data specifications have to be implemented by using the existing implementation standards...

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              • Bresters PIETER

                Implementing proposal INSPIRE themes PD and HH in the group Statistics & Health

                Statistics Netherlands is proposing an implementation method for the INSPIRE themes Statistical Geospatial Framework in Europe - Existing services of SDMX datasets sho...Do you agree on the proposal to stick to the existing SDMX files i...

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                • Julián DELGADO

                  Reply on topic: Extent for ExistingLandUseDataset

                  ...schema and could provoke inconsistences in existing implementations. At theoretic...schemas. I do not know much examples of ExistingLandUseDataset implementations excepti...0.0&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAME=elu:ExistingLandUseDataSet Best Juli&aac...


                  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

                    Presentations on Land Use in the group Land Cover & Use

                    INSPIRE Conference 2017, Kehl & Strasbourg Generating INSPIRE PLU data on base of the German national standard XPlanung INSPIRE Conference 2016, Barcelona Development of Strategic Urban Land Use Analysis Model Deriving INSPIRE compliant land-use maps from open public sector inform...

                    Tags: land use, spatial planning, PLU, planned land use, existing land use, ELU, TC-LU, TC-Inspire-conference

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                    • Bresters PIETER

                      Existing Landuse harmonization in Hale in the group Land Cover & Use

                      Dear LU group members, I have set up a transformation in Hale Studio for existing Land use. It worked quite well, but I have 3 questions. 1) What sub field should I choose for the HILUCS Land Use code. I have chosen href as you can see in the picture below. Is that the right location? ...

                      Tags: existing land use, HALE, SLD, TC-Portrayal, ELU, HILCUS, TC-Code-list, TC-IKB, TC-Question, TC-LU, TC-Data-harmonisation

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