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  • Jandirk BULENS

    Can Geopackages be used for INSPIRE? in the group Software & Tools

    ...nbsp; For Soil and Geology we are currently realising  the base registration for these data in NL. within the team the question arose to what extent the use of GML (ie WFS) is bi...


  • Nicolas de Ville de Goyet

    SOS for INSPIRE-compliance in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations download the data is via the thin web client application (Helgoland). Data are also provided in csv format but the user can choose the temporal extent of the time series (while WFS...



  • Julián DELGADO

    Extent for ExistingLandUseDataset in the group Land Cover & Use

    Dear all Late days a previous commented topic have arose due to the last clarifications from the consultation issues IR-ISDSS process: ‘extent’ attribute on ExistingLandUsedataset and SampledExistingLandUsedataset. I remember comment it during some informal discussions but I chec...

    Tags: TC-Land_Cover_Use, extent, TC-Data-specifications, TC-Data-and-service-sharing, TC-Data-modelling

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