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  • Karen Fullerton

    New releases of the INSPIRE Registry service and Re3gistry software

    We are happy to announce new releases of the INSPIRE registry service (release 5) and the Re3gistry software (v1.0). The new releases are based on the outcomes of the public testing period between mid-December 2014 and 14 April 2015, during which stakeholders could test release candidates of ...

    Tags: inspire registry, Codelists


  • Karen Fullerton

    Testing of new candidate release of the INSPIRE registry and registers.

    The JRC INSPIRE registry team is happy to announce a new candidate release of the INSPIRE registry and registers. The new candidate release contains two additional registers with the layers and enumerations defined in the INSPIRE implementing rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and ser...

    Tags: inspire registry, testing

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  • Karen Fullerton

    New INSPIRE Media Types Register available for testing

    The JRC Registry Team are happy to announce a release candidate of the new INSPIRE Media Types Register which is to replace the current static atom feed of media types. The media type identifiers are used to uniquely specify the format of a data set, e.g. in an INSPIRE download service. The ne...

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  • Stefania MORRONE

    The INSPIRE registry now supports references to externally defined code list values in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    The new feature is available for testing in the INSPIRE registry’s sandbox instance, currently only for the values of the following code lists: Article 17 Counting Unit Climate and Forecast Standard Names Natura 2000 And Emerald Bio-geographical Region Classification Find out...

    Tags: code lists, inspire registry