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  • Julián DELGADO

    Comment on "OI result in QGIS"

    Dear Jürgen, I tested the plugin and it works very good. I see that generates a copied 'resolved' gml, am I right?. The gfs file is applied to all gml files that you upload after the plugin installation or only opened with the plugin? Best regards Julián

  • Jürgen WEICHAND

    Comment on "OI result in QGIS"

    I made a simple QGIS Plugin for further testing. 1. Install the Plugin "GML Loader" using the QGIS Plugin Manager. Be sure to enable ,,display Experimental Plugins" first. You will fin...

  • Jürgen WEICHAND

    Comment on "OI result in QGIS"   Currently they can't easily be used from QGIS-GUI. For instance, I've integrated them into the WFS 2.0 Plugin.   You can als...