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  • Holger Thunig

    Implementation Spatial Scope/Priority Datasets codelists in GeoNetwork in the group Software & Tools

    When using description 'Example on how to use the GeoNetwork editor' (see: in GeoNetwork ( to fullfill technical implementation (see:

    Tags: TC-SW_Tools_Services, spatial scope, priority datasets, GeoNetwork, TC-SW-Tools, TC-Metadata, TC-Code-list, TC-Registry, TC-MIG-2016.5

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  • Iurie MAXIM

    INSPIRE Registry lifecycle info issues in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    Hi, As by 30 April 2018 Member States need to report on CDDA (Common Database on Designated Areas) and the reporting to EEA is now linked to INSPIRE trough linked data, we noticed that some values in the INSPIRE Registry ( were changed quite recently. Actu...

    Tags: cross-cluster, TC-Metadata, registry, TC-IKB, TC-IKB-Learn, TC-Encoding, CDDA, TC-Closed, TC-Code-list, TC-MIG-2016.5, priority datasets, TC-Biodiversity_Area_Management

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  • Jose Miguel RUBIO IGLESIAS

    The EU Registry on Industrial Sites in the group Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

    Tags: TC-Facilities_Utilities_Public_Services, priority datasets, TC-PF, TC-eReporting, TC-Eionet, TC-Env_Policy, TC-MIG-2016.5, TC-EU-Registry

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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Action 2016.5: Priority list of datasets for e-Reporting in the group Software & Tools

    Action 2016.5: Priority list of datasets for e-Reporting Summary & Scope This INSPIRE MIG action is aimed to develop a list of datasets related to environmental reporting and support Member States with making these datasets accessible through the European Spatial Data Infrastructure in ...

    Tags: TC-MIG-2016.5, priority datasets

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