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  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Jordi ESCRIU

    GI Analyst / Consultant
  • Tomas LINDBERG

    Tomas LINDBERG

  • Arvids OZOLS

    Arvids OZOLS



    GI Engineer / Instituto Geográfico Nacional Spain
  • Angel LOPEZ ALOS

    Visualisation in Meteorology week 2015

      Dear Experts, During the week 28th Sep - 2nd Oct. ECMWF is hosting the Visualisation in Meteorology week 2015. Attached you might find interesting presentation. A large set of presentations turning around experiences and approaches during the implementation of Geospatial Standards in...

    Tags: Atmospheric conditions, Meteorological geographical features, standards, cross-cluster



    Smart Cities – just a marketing term or a real need for OGC standards? in the group Topo & Cadastre, Reference Data

    Over the past year or so we have been involved in a number of activities that somehow play in the smart cities space. We’d like to examine what we have done and discuss what OGC needs to do in order to address this topic and whether a new DWG in which relating topics and working groups can ...

    Tags: cross-cluster, Buildings, standards, Utility and Governmental Services, Transport networks

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  • Mirosław MIGACZ

    UNECE Workshop on Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Standards

    This workshop will be organized as part of the Conference of European Statisticians’ work programme for 2017, within the context of the High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics. At the kind invitation of Statistics Sweden, it will take place at Stockholm, Sweden from 6-...

    Tags: statistics, UNECE, workshop, standards

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  • Helpdesk Geonovum

    Helpdesk Geonovum

    Geonovum maakt geo-informatie van de overheid toegankelijk en zorgt voor de standaarden die daarvoor nodig zijn.