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  • Iurie MAXIM

    Issues related to PS View Services in the group Biodiversity & Area Management

    The aim of this page is to have a clear list of the reported issues and suggestions for the next update of the Technical Guidelines for PS. Find below direct links to topic-relevant posts: ProtectionClassificationValue, default style and aggregatedLayers (Portrayal) Layer-...

    Tags: view services, TC-WMS, TC-Portrayal, TC-Issue

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  • Tomas LINDBERG

    SLD for GeoServer: MineralOccurrences-primaryCommodity in the group Earth Science

    Based on work by James Passmore (BGS), edited by Tomas Lindberg (SGU) An attempt at creating an INSPIRE compliant style for MR.MineralOccurrence, work undertaken as part of the OneGeology project ( by James Passmore (British Geological Survey). Using notes at

    Tags: SLD, view services, Minerals4EU

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  • Nicolas de Ville de Goyet

    SOS for INSPIRE-compliance in the group Environmental Monitoring & Observations

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to be fully INSPIRE-compliant using a 52north Sensor Observation Service but there is still some details I'm not sure how to manage. Basically, for INSPIRE you want to make your data discoverable, viewable and downloadable while respecting the different Implementati...

    Tags: TC-Env_Monitoring_Observations, SensorML, Sensor Observation Services, view services, download service, timeseries


  • Enrico Iredi

    INSPIRE Web Services

    INSPIRE Web Services (status 10/2020) I. productive web services AD.Addresses WFS (Paging, Count: 2.500)*1    GetFeature Count=1 AD.Addresses WMS *1   AM.Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units WFS *1 AM.Area management / restri...

    Tags: web services, WFS, WMS, view services, download service

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