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Action 2017.2 on alternative encodings for INSPIRE data

By Stefania MORRONE

Action 2017.2 on alternative encodings for INSPIRE data

Summary & Scope

This INSPIRE MIG action is aimed to define alternative encoding rules (mainly for the purpose of viewing/analysis in mainstream GIS systems) for a number of selected application schemas and a template and procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encoding rules in the future.

Specific objectives

1. Develop concrete proposals for alternative encodings

  • Collect proposals for alternative encodings based on existing examples and/or on specific use cases and requirements reported by thematic communities through their collaboration and inputs in the INSPIRE Community Forum platform. 
  • Prioritise the collected examples and select a small number of proposals for which alternative encodings will be developed by this action.
  • For the selected examples, develop encoding rules that explain how (and/or under which conditions) the proposed encoding meets the requirements of the implementing rules, including an analysis of potential loss of information for certain encodings and its implications on being conformant to implementing rule requirements.

2. Define a template and procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encoding rules.

  • Elaborate the template, including information about the actual encoding rule, target use cases, expected benefits, known limitations and tools for conformity testing & validation.
  • Develop a procedure for how additional encoding rules can be proposed using the template, checked/endorsed by the MIG and referred to from the existing technical guidelines.
  • Develop a proposal for the update or maintenance of endorsed encoding rules.
  • Create a repository of additional encoding rules that have been endorsed by the MIG.
  • Develop a proposal for documenting the used encoding rules in data set/service metadata.

3. Give recommendations for updating the Guidelines for encoding of spatial data (INSPIRE D2.7 framework document).


The GeoJSON was selected as a first example of alternative (to default GML) encoding, with the creation of:

 Useful Links 

  • Mandate for action 2017.2: Access to this document to look up for the initial definition of this action and its scope which was endorsed by MIG.