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Action 2017.4 on validation and conformity testing

By Stefania MORRONE

Action 2017.4 on validation and conformity testing

Summary & Scope 

This INSPIRE MIG action is aimed to satisfy the great need of tools for validation of INSPIRE metadata, network services and data, which is increasingly becoming more important as INSPIRE is coming into a practical implementation phase. 
To meet this need and to overcome issues with different interpretations in existing validator implementations at European level, in Member States or projects (e.g. in the EU geoportal, the Netherlands, Germany and the eENVplus project), common Abstract and Executable Test Suites (ATS and ETS) and a common reference validator (the INSPIRE test framework) have been developed under action MIWP-5/2016.3 of the MIWP 2014-2016.
Since some important components would still need to be added to the INSPIRE reference validator, action 2017.4 has been put in place under the Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme (MIWP 2016-2020) in order to provide a complete test framework.

Specific objectives

1. Coordinate the maintenance of the existing pieces of the testing framework and the development of the missing ones (ATS and ETS), including coordination of funding and release planning and clear communication of changes between releases.
2. Discuss how the maturity level concept can be reflected in the common validator.
3. Coordinate the funding of the maintenance and further developments.
4. Promote the usage of the validator in the Member States.
5. Advise the European Commission on different scenarios for the long-term sustainability of the test framework.

An specific workflow has been defined for collecting, discussing and resolving issues and suggestions related to the common INSPIRE reference validator and the INSPIRE Abstract and Executable Test Suites (ATS and ETS).

 Useful Links 

  • Mandate for action 2017.4: Access to this document to look up for the initial definition of this action and its scope which was endorsed by MIG.