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Buildings and Administrative Units

By Stefania MORRONE

INSPIRE Administrative Units, Hydrography and Buildings data for Copernicus image

A number of proof-of-concept activities have been started aimed to assess the feasibility to produce pan-European data sets from the INSPIRE data discoverable in the INSPIRE Geoportal.

One of the most interesting pilot activity is led by the EEA in the framework of the CORDA (Copernicus Reference Data Access) project, in which the INSPIRE infrastructure (metadata, data and services) is being re-used to create Administrative Units, Hydrography and Building multi-country reference datasets for the Copernicus users - and in particular for the CEMS (Copernicus Emergency Management Service).

INSPIRE Administrative Units data was chosen as a first test case, and obtained results are quite promising, considering the following main conclusion from the proof-of-concept:

“reusing INSPIRE harmonised data allowed to generate in a very short time a (almost) pan-European dataset, based on authoritative data and created mostly through automated procedures ”.

Recommendation was however that same experiment could be tested with more complex INSPIRE schemas than AU.

The AU dataset is available for download to allowed users, on the CORDA platform

Test case is on-going with HY and BU data and relevant multi-country datasets will be downloadable from the CORDA platform soon, in different file formats.

Read more in the INSPIRE Community Forum post " Re-using INSPIRE as reference data for Copernicus users "

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