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EU Registry on industrial sites

EU Registry on Industrial Sites


The EU Registry on industrial sites  is a data flow that collects identification and administrative data for the facilities, installations, and plants which are obliged to report under the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) Regulation and the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

In the wider context of streamlining the reporting of industrial emissions, the EU Registry is intended as a coherent database of industrial entities that release emissions to which relevant thematic reporting on LCPs under the IED and facilities under the E-PRTR Regulation will link to. This means that the data on releases and transfers will refer to entities whose relevant information -e.g  related permits and geospatial details - has already been reported to the EU Registry and willl not be duplicated in the thematic data flow. Unique identifiers will be used to link the EU Registry with the emissions data for querying and publishing information.


The EU Registry is an INSPIRE extended data model

and can be considered a good, working example of how INSPIRE can contribute to effectively streamline environmental reporting.

More specifically, the EU Registry extends the INSPIRE Production and Industrial Facilities data specifications in accordance to the rules set out in the INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model i.e. the EU Registry does not change anything in the INSPIRE PF data specification and the new elements/constraints introduced to cater for the specific requirements stemming from the industrial emissions legislation do not break any existing INSPIRE requirement.

This implies important advantages for countries, as investments in implementing the EU Registry are building on their INSPIRE compliance.

The EU Registry , in fact, “incorporates” the INSPIRE PF data model i.e. inherits the overall structure. Therefore, although information strictly required for this reporting obligation is limited to a so called “streamlined view” (already including however all the mandatory elements from the INSPIRE PF data model + the domain requirements) the EU Registry provides building blocks for the provision of harmonised INSPIRE PF data.

As outlined in the data model documentation, there are two options for generating an EU Registry compliant file : the reporting countries can generate the file locally themselves or they can populate a Microsoft Access Template (provided by the EEA) and convert into a compliant XML file using the relevant online conversion service from the EEA.


The EU Registry is an INSPIRE Priority data set

the relevant INSPIRE metadata shall be made available in the INSPIRE Geoportal and tagged using the appropriate label(s):

As for all the priority data sets, the Priority Data Sets Viewer can be used to have an overview of the EU Registry data sets available in the INSPIRE Geoportal and to get simplified access to related view and download services.

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