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INSPIRE Data & Services examples

INSPIRE Data & Services examples

This page provides access to different types of examples related to the implementation of INSPIRE.

Main sources for implementation examples are those: 

  • Proposed by Member States and published in the INSPIRE in Practice platform.
  • Data sets available in the INSPIRE Geoportal.

Additionally, you can check the contents offered at the bottom of this page for searching good practices, reference implementations and implementation examples that are shared by the different communities through the INSPIRE Community Forum platform. These are classified with appropriate controlled tags ('TC-Good-practice', 'TC-Reference-implementation', 'TC-Implementation-example'), being related to specific thematic domains, or focused on specific technical aspects or regarding concrete policy & environmental areas.


 Useful Links 

The INSPIRE in Practice is a key piece of the new INSPIRE Knowledge Base website helping stakeholders to discover and share approaches to implementing and using INSPIRE. It is a collaborative platform that brings together different players involved in INSPIRE (implementers, solution providers, and end-user application developers) in a single place, facilitating the exchange of geospatial know-how and expertise that they have accumulated over time while dealing with INSPIRE and the various solutions that can be used in practice.

The 'Implementations' section of the INSPIRE in Practice platform provides you access to a collection of real implementation examples made and provided by implementers from different Member States in order to guide and help other professionals of the community with similar roles.

The INSPIRE Geoportal is the central European access point to the data provided by EU Member States and several EFTA countries under the INSPIRE Directive. The Geoportal allows monitoring the availability of INSPIRE data sets, discovering suitable data sets based on their descriptions (metadata) regularly harvested from the discovery services of all connected catalogues, accessing the selected data sets through their view or download services.