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Action 2018.1: Streamlining the monitoring and reporting for 2019

Action 2018.1: Streamlining the monitoring and reporting for 2019

Summary & Scope

This INSPIRE MIG action is aimed to develop a new monitoring and reporting system in accordance with the new Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/1372, of 19 August 2019,
implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards monitoring and reporting. The new monitoring and reporting system should be based on the monitoring indicators that are calculated automatically from the metadata. The reporting part should be based on an online system of country fiches, which include as an integral part a dashboard with graphical and numerical visualization of calculated indicators.

Action 2018.1 constitutes a continuation of the work carried out by MIG subgroup 2016.2, which included activities to simplify and streamline monitoring and reporting under the INSPIRE Directive. The outcomes of their work were the 2016 INSPIRE country fiches and a draft proposal for new INSPIRE Reporting Decision, which was endorsed by MIG and received a positive opinion by the INSPIRE Committee in November 2018.

The current monitoring system - that should be changed for 2019 reporting - is based on data provided by Member States through envelopes in EEA Reportnet (see The indicators are calculated based on the data provided and displayed through INSPIRE Dashboard. Reporting is based on three years reports provided by Member States also through envelope in EEA Reportnet ( The reports usually are files in PDF or DOC format with a reporting structure accordingly to an agreed template. 

Country fiches have been developed taking into account as an input the reports provided by Member States in 2016.

Specific objectives

1. Design and Implementation of the new monitoring and reporting system (2018).

  • Delivery of technical proposals to support the updated monitoring and reporting decision.
  • Development of a prototype of new monitoring and reporting system, including editing content and visualization of the calculated indicators in online country fiches.
  • Transition of legacy data from the European Environment Agency systems.
  • Prepare guidelines to use the system (user documentation).
  • Testing and improvement of the new system.
  • Get the system in production by 10 December 2018.

2. Operating and maintaining the new system in production (2019 onwards).

 Useful Links 

  • Mandate for action 2018.1: Access to this document to look up for the initial definition of this action and its scope which was endorsed by MIG.
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