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This page provides access to information resources related to specific Software Tools that may be utilised in different steps of the INSPIRE implementation:




  • As-Is data exploration.
  • Identification of your scope within INSPIRE.
  • Generation and maintenance of metadata in conformance to the INSPIRE.
  • Transformation of data according the INSPIRE data models / schemas / alternative encodings.
  • Publication of data through INSPIRE services.
  • Validation of INSPIRE metadata, data & services.
  • Usage of INSPIRE / interoperable data.

Feel free to either browse the useful links below to find the application / tool / app that most suites your needs in the context of INSPIRE, or open a new discussion topic to solve your questions, share views or issues in the scope of Software & Tools.

 Useful Links 

The INSPIRE in Practice is a key piece of the new INSPIRE Knowledge Base website helping stakeholders to discover and share approaches to implementing and using INSPIRE. It is a collaborative platform that brings together different players involved in INSPIRE (implementers, solution providers, and end-user application developers) in a single place, facilitating the exchange of geospatial know-how and expertise that they have accumulated over time while dealing with INSPIRE and the various solutions that can be used in practice.

Specific sections of this platform are described below. 

The 'Tools' section of the INSPIRE in Practice platform provides you access to an inventory of useful tools for the INSPIRE implementation, which can range from desktop/server software, libraries, plugins, online services and many more technical products and solutions that help people to share INSPIRE data, metadata and services.

It is the perfect space for solution providers to showcase their products by adding them to the catalogue, having the opportunity to highlight particular features for INSPIRE implementation.

Implementers and application developers can also contribute to the catalogue by adding examples of tools / plugins / libraries, etc. that other professionals may utilise in their implementations / developments.

The 'Apps' section of the INSPIRE in Practice platform contains an inventory of end-user (citizens, businesses or public sector) web applications and mobile apps powered by Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDIs) from across Europe, with particular emphasis on those examples built on INSPIRE data and services.

It is the perfect space for application developers to showcase their apps/applications with the aim to promote their work while reaching a wider audience. End-user applications become of particular interest in this space, since they may illustrate and explain how people can make best use of INSPIRE.

Data providers and implementers can also help promote apps/applications as tangible evidence to demonstrate the benefits of sharing interoperable SDI resources. 

Finally, solution providers can also use the catalogue to explore which technologies application developers are using to better understand trends in the geo-ICT market.