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This page provides access to resources related to the validation of INSPIRE metadata, data and related network services.

Feel free to either browse the useful links below to find the validation tool that most suites your needs in the context of INSPIRE, or open a new discussion topic to solve your questions, share views or issues in the scope of INSPIRE validation activities and software tools (e.g. conformance / satisfaction of technical guidelines requirements and/or recommendations).


 Useful Links 

The purpose of the INSPIRE (reference) validator is to help data providers, solution providers and national coordinators to check whether data sets, network services and metadata meet the requirements defined in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines.

The validator provides detailed test reports to help implementers understand how well their data, services, metadata or software solutions are doing and/or have a starting point to check whether any improvements may be needed.

The validator is based on the Abstract and Executable Test Suites agreed between Member States and the Commission in the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group. See the Roadmap for the test suites that are currently supported and our future planning.

The validator has been developed under ARE3NA and ELISE Actions of the ISA/ISA2 Programmes.