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This special page provides access to relevant GitHub repositories managed by the Joint Research Centre for the purpose of supporting the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

Each repository is dedicated to one crucial aspect for achieving a practical successful implementation of the Directive. They are mainly focused on providing useful resources for implementers and developers to use in their daily tasks in this area.

 Useful Links 

This link provides you access to the JRC repository where information and documentation about the different studies and analises about which features of INSPIRE GML and any alternative encodings (such as GeoJSON) can be used in different software products.

The repository is created as part of the MIG 2017.3 action work to improve the usability of INSPIRE Data. Fresch documentation about the tests performed, their status and the corresponding results is peridically published in this website.

As illustratation, information about client applications such as QGIS, Esri ArcMap, Esri ArcGIS Online, OpenLayers, Leaflet, OGR, Safe Software FME or wetransform hale studio is available.

This link provides you access to the JRC repository devoted to INSPIRE-MIF Action 2017.2 on alternative encodings.

The first encoding developed by this INSPIRE-MIG subgroup is the GeoJSON Encoding. This format may serve as an alternative or additional encoding for simple data sets for specific INSPIRE themes, thanks to the definition of INSPIRE UML-to-GeoJSON encoding rules.

It also provides access to an agreed common template for defining Alternate Encodings for INSPIRE Data.

This link provides you access to the JRC repository dedicated as a community discussion forum for INSPIRE validation issues. The space is used for discussions and announcements around INSPIRE validation & conformity testing.

In particular, it stablishes rules and guidelines for reporting problems or making pull requests.

An issue tracker (helpdesk) is set up in order to report problems with the INSPIRE Reference Validator or test results, propose new features or improvements to its existing functionality, or to start new discussions or raise relevant questions related to this INSPIRE crucial tool.

The status of the solutions to all the issues currently open in the helpdesk can be checked over time.

Additionally, useful information about the present and scheduled advances of the INSPIRE validator are regularly published, including a changelog of current and past releases and the release planning strategy (for the plan of future releases of the INSPIRE Reference Validator).

This link provides you access to the JRC repository dedicated to the development of the Re3gistry software solution.

The Re3gistry is a reusable open source solution for managing and sharing ‘reference codes’, ensuring concepts are correctly referenced in INSPIRE, or for content in any other sector. This software soltuion was developed under Action 1.17 of the ISA Programme (A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform).

In particular, it becomes a Test-bed for the Re3gistry software and the INSPIRE Registry service, by providing access to a sandbox instance to test the Re3gistry 2 software and the to test new INSPIRE registry service.

The aim of the test-bed is to let the users try the new version of the Re3gistry software using the management interface and workflow of the system to complete some of the common tasks dealt in a registry (e.g. adding a new reference codes, editing an existing reference code, adding a relationship between two reference codes, either superseding, invalidating or retiring a reference code, or adding a new field).

Additionally, it links to a quick start reference guide to understand the main concepts and functionalities of the Re3gistry 2 management interface.

The test-bed is open to user's participation. An issue tracker is available to report and trace the issues encountered, as well as to provide feedback on their resoltuion.